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We help you to become a champion in the transition to regenerative agriculture by ruling your yield, learning on the job and receiving transition funding.

Monthly Plant sap analysis

Monthly Plant sap analysis

Are you a farmer who wants to maintain or improve yields while farming regeneratively? Monthly plant sap measurements will provide valuable insights into your plants' health and growth by measuring its nutrient uptake. Regular sap measurement helps you to keep your plants healthy and productive, and therefore reduce the yield dip.

Are you curious to know more about plant sap analysis? Here you can read more.


Detect nutrient deficiencies 

Monitoring sap will give you alerts early on when there are nutrient deficiencies or when the plant is susceptible to diseases.

What would you like to monitor? The choice is yours: do you chose vitality, nitrogen efficiency, calcium intake, insect vulnerability or disease susceptibility. SoilBeat also offers you a customized view feature, in which you can select the elements you want to compare.

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Detect nutrient deficiencies
Intervene ahead of time
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Intervene ahead of time

Are you tired of late intervention all the time? That's done. 

The plant sap measurements give a good indicator when your plant is under stress, allowing you to take corrective action before it becomes a major problem.

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