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Regenerated plot with open ground on the left and grass on the right, with a house and a forest in the background.

Facilitating Profitable Regenerative Agriculture 

SoilBeat is the app for Farmers & Agronomists that turns all soil & plant data into action plans and feedback loops.
The app for sustainable yields, healthy soils, resilient crops, and drastic reduction of synthetic input costs.

Agronomist' challenges in advising farmers in RegenAg

Fragmented data

Data coming from different labs are fragmented in different files making it challenging to get a complete picture and see trends over time.

Complex data

Soil & plant health data can contain many indicators with many interconnections that need to be interpreted to come to the right recommendation.


Contextual data is critical for the right interpretation of lab results; what was the weather like? What kind of foliar did the farmer apply just before taking the sample?


Time feels always too short per farmer and there are just enough independent agronomists to help all the farmers that need to transition.

How SoilBeat helps agronomists:

Farmer' concerns about RegenAg 

Yield dip

How will crops respond to reducing synthetic fertilizers? How will the quality and size of my crops respond?

Profit decline

Concerns over declining yields and investments in acquiring knowledge.

Knowledge gap

RegenAg is new territory for many farmers: How do I substitute synthetic inputs with organic compost? What does my soil and crops need? What cover crops are best?

Transition costs

How do I fund the transition costs; the consultants, new machinery, seeds, etc?

How SoilBeat helps farmers:

Our Mission

Scaling profitable RegenAg, by providing all farmers with the best soil & plant health-management knowledge and recommendations.

Our Drivers

Your data is your goldmine

Ownership of data lies with the farmer. Farmers can choose to share data sets with third parties; for consultation purposes, to contribute to much-needed scientific research, to NGOs aiming to improve biodiversity, to GOs for compliance etc. 

Your data is your gold mine to harvest.

Learn, Learn, Learn

RegenAg is not a one size fits all way of farming. RegenAg and improving soil biology and plant resilience is about analysing, testing, learning and adjusting. It is about monitoring the effectiveness of interventions.

That is a driver that underpins everything we do in SoilBeat, that is the process that SoilBeat facilitates, for the farmer, the agronomist and for us as the SoilBeat team.




If we want to change the system, we need to collaborate with all the stakeholders in the system. 

We are building coalitions with organisations who share our mission, with agronomist organisations, universities, labs, food brands and NGOs.

Easy - where possible

We believe that with all the beauty and complexity that RegenAg is, there is actual value in trying to make things simple, understandable, and unburdened when possible. 

Our dashboards are easy to interpret and to drill down. APIs are our key to integrating data and creating synergy in applications.

SoilBeat facilitates and streamlines communication between farmers and agronomists and the community.

Our Story

SoilBeat was founded after a meeting of three people from diverse backgrounds: a tech entrepreneur and programmer, a regenerative agronomist, and a food marketer. We had the same dream: accelerating regenerative agriculture to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our planet today - deteriorating soil, poor human health, and declining biodiversity.


Through our unique combination of expertise, knowledge, and experience, we developed the SoilBeat proposition, continually refining our approach based on feedback from our close network of farmers and agronomists.


Today, SoilBeat is an invaluable business resource, providing an innovative approach to regenerative agriculture. Our groundbreaking technology helps improve soil health and fertility and supports your business growth by increasing yields and reducing costs.


Join us and be part of the regenerative agriculture revolution!

Sunflowers in a herb-rich grassland with a windmill in the background. Regenerate your land with SoilBeat.
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