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Facilitating Profitable Regenerative Agriculture 

SoilBeat is the app for Agronomists & (their) Farmers translating data into actionable insights and feedback loops.

For sustainable yields, healthy soils, resilient crops, and drastic reduction of synthetic input costs.

Our Mission

Scaling profitable RegenAg, by providing all farmers with the best soil & plant health-management knowledge and recommendations.

Soil data


- Van Monster tot Plan

- Korte Keten Project

- MIT Haalbaarheid 

Our Drivers

Make things easier

At SoilBeat, our commitment is to simplify, clarify, and lighten the load for our users. We achieve this through outstanding data management, user-friendly dashboards, intelligent algorithms, and seamless integrations.

Continuous Innovation

Regenerative agriculture demands ongoing learning and growth. In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, countless opportunities emerge to work smarter, interpret data effectively, facilitate collaboration, and enhance efficiency.


We are commited to stay at the forefront of technology and collaborate with leading knowledge institutes in soil science to make these advancements accessible to you. 



Collaboration is key in this transition to a sustainable and regenerative agricultural system within the food supply chain. We cannot achieve this in isolation, we embrace partnerships with agronomy experts, farmers, universities, and supply chains.


We aim to bridge the wealth of knowledge between theory and practice, across continents. 


Data is value

We consider data to be invaluable, and as such, we firmly uphold the principle of granting farmers and agronomists complete ownership of their data. Our commitment is to safeguard data integrity and promote responsible data exchange.


For a deeper dive into our stance on ownership and responsible data practices, explore our blog post.

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