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Solutions for Growers

Farmers, growers of all kinds

Become a data-driven decision-maker alongside your agronomist, optimizing input strategies and maximizing yields

A farmer and an Agronomist checking the soil health in the fields, utilizing Soilbeat's technology
Farmers seek to reduce reliance on costly synthetic inputs while safeguarding yields. They struggle with scattered data, lack of clarity on past practices, and feel reliant on external advice. They desire more control over decision-making and want to streamline compliance burdens.

SoilBeat is for you if you are experiencing;

  • A sense of loss in a Data Jungle: Are scattered records and incomplete information holding you back? Stop making decisions based on guesswork.

  • Exhaustion of Costly Surprises: Uncover hidden inefficiencies and proactively manage input costs with data-driven predictions.

  • Task Management Headaches: Struggling to coordinate technician activities and track progress across your operation?

  • The Nightmare of Comparing Plots: Lacking the tools to easily analyze results across plots, trials, and fields?

  • A Need for Stronger Collaboration: Take charge of your data and ask better questions. Strengthen your partnership with your agronomist with shared insights.

  • Buried in Paperwork: Reclaim your time. Centralise your data and streamline compliance reporting.

SoilBeat provides;


  • A Quality Overview: Visualise the impact of your practices on soil health, yields, and profitability over time. Make confident decisions based on your farm's unique data.

  • Minimised Risk: Analyse trends, get timely alerts, and optimize input strategies without sacrificing yields.

  • Streamlined Operations: Easily assign tasks, track technician progress, and optimize field activities.

  • An Ease of Comparing Plots: Gain insights across trials, plots, and fields to evaluate performance and identify winning strategies.

  • A Data-Driven Partnership: Collaborate effectively with your agronomist for a data-powered team approach to problem-solving.

  • Time & Compliance: Centralise reporting, reduce double entries, and spend more time where it matters - in the field.

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