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Solutions for Consultants

Agronomists, Crop Scientist, Horticulturist and many more 

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Cut Input Costs, Not Yields.

Deliver data-driven recommendations faster and boost client outcomes
Are rising costs and regulations putting pressure on your clients? SoilBeat has got them covered! 

SoilBeat is for you if you are experiencing;

  • Data Overload, Not Insights: Are scattered data sources and lack of complete picture holding you back? 

  • Conquer the In-Season Decision Dilemma. Traditional soil tests are only a snapshot. How can you decode nutrient needs when in season to drive decision making?

  • Missing Pieces = Missed Opportunities: Is incomplete implementation data limiting your ability to provide the most effective advice? Get the full picture for optimal recommendations.

  • Squeeze: Regulations are tightening and rising input costs are squeezing margins. Can you pinpoint inefficiencies and optimize your input strategy?

  • Need for Speed: Time is money. Why spending time on repetitive or tedious tasks?

SoilBeat provides;


  • ​Easy-to-use data collection: Soil health, plant sap, whatever metrics matter to you.

  • Centralize and Connect: Bring together fragmented data from soil tests, plant sap analysis, weather, and more for a holistic view.

  • See the Big Picture: Historical trends and AI-powered insights reveal what's working and where to adjust for maximum impact.

  • Track What Matters: Monitor implementation data alongside crop and soil health to ensure recommendations lead to results.

  • Finetune Recommendations: Build a custom recommendation generator that reflects your proven methods and experience so you spend time on finetuning recommendations per case, not recreating them.

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