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We help agronomists save valuable time and provide farmers with the best possible recommendations and service.

Save time
A young male farmer who is leaning over a fence in a field with his cows

Save time

We save agronomists tons of time and make work more efficient with: 

  • Our data analysis tool means you no longer spend time in Excel configuring your own dashboard; instead focus on highlighted elements that are outside target values. Read more about our powerful analysis tool. Read

  • Our streamlined workflow: makes engagement and communication with your clients super straightforward and transparent. 

  • Our shared interface means that you don’t have to pull together content from different sources to create reports. Instead, you and the farmer collaborate on the same platform, with a slightly different view depending on the user. 

  • Reporting tool: we know that some growers still like to have a tangible printed report and with our report creator that is easily done. 

  • One central place for data: because of one central place for data storage, you have all information at your fingertips to remotely troubleshoot or answer ad hoc questions from farmers. Read more about our aggregated data.

Plus, you can take advantage of our (soon-to-be) automated recommendations feature. For example, our tool will alert you when the young leaf has a higher element value than the old leaf.

Let us help you save time and improve your analysis - try our tool today! Create a demo account!

Better recommendations
A crop consultant in a corn field giving recommendations to his growers.

Better recommendations

With our powerful data analysis tools that highlights when elements are outside target zones, it is easier to detect the underlying issues or the underlying story. 

Plus, it is possible to filter and compare elements, also across fields, so you can look at a problem from different angles and form your hypothesis. 

Finally, we are in the process of leveraging machine learning to help you with interpreting huge and complex data sets. We won’t do the work for you, but we want to provide you with the tools to make an even better diagnosis. 

Improve customer service
An agronomist improving his customer service because SoilBeat helps him to stay on track. Shaking hands with his farmer.

Improve customer service

Are you an agronomist looking to simplify your workflow? 

Look no further! SoilBeat is here to help you stay on track with ease. With our platform, it has never been easier to monitor the various plant and soil health elements and adjust where necessary.  Plus, you'll be able to spot and correct outliers quickly, so you can trust that your plants and soil are in good health. 

Sign up for a demo account to experience the SoilBeat advantage today!

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