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Product Benefits

SoilBeat is a multidimensional SaaS tool that can ease the day to day tasks of agronomic consultants, growers and even laboratories. Check out SoilBeat's endless product benefits down below! 

Seamless collaboration with all your customers (farmers and growers) where all of their data is gathered under one roof. 

Take photos and notes; either freestyle or specific predefined forms. 

Easily compare fields and various plant/soil elements and minerals for a deeper understanding of mineral interactions.

Leverage data science to refine agronomic recommendations, improve fertilization and irrigation practices, and enable early disease detection. 

Instant solution to consolidate fragmented data into a single, organized hub by uploading files to an all-in-one platform.

Translate soil and plant health data into actionable recommendations. 

Enhance productivity and communication, improve decision-making and outcomes for agronomists and growers alike.

Allow farmers to easily access and import data from our integrated platforms and streamline the decision-making process.

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Manage Farmer Data

Farmer inspecting crop health in a field at sunrise, ultilizing SoilBeat's regenerative agriculture technology

Keeping tabs on numerous farm measurement reports, providing recommendations, and addressing questions and collaboration needs can be challenging. Especially if you are an agronomist juggling advice for numerous farmers.​

SoilBeat understands these challenges and provides a solution. Our platform is designed to provide a secure, dedicated space where you can organize each farmer and their own data. With our analytics module, interpreting this data to formulate recommendations becomes easier. Our platform also esnures seamless collaboration with all your customer farmers and growers, while keeping farmer data private and secured. 

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Aggregate Fragmented Data 

Struggling to make sense of scattered data from various sources? SoilBeat's data aggregation module offers a seamless solution to consolidate fragmented data into a single, organized hub. No matter the format, we ensure seamless integration and visualization, allowing you to gain a comprehensive view, apply filters, make comparisons, and analyze trends over time.

Onboarding Service Need help to migrate historical data? As part of our onboarding service, we help you organize your data. Send us the raw data and see it organized per farmer and fields.

Interoperate Data 

healthy soil layer below the gorung and a healthy growing plant above the soil

Seamless Integration for Your Convenience:

Do your farmer customers utilise their own management systems, leaving you with limited access and the headache of organising measurement reports and data in a coherent manner?

SoilBeat aims to simplify your workload and eliminate double data entry for both you and the farmers. We prioritize data interoperability, making sure that relevant data is seamlessly imported and leveraged, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively.

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Interpret Data

SoilBeat empowers crop consultants to easily compare fields and various plant/soil elements and minerals for a deeper understanding of mineral interactions and why fields exhibit varying responses to the same nutrients. Our platform offers:

  1. Powerful Analysis Tool: Identify deficiencies and excesses with precision, enabling quick pinpointing of underlying causes and potential remedies.

  2. Predefined Filters and Robust Charts: Explore predefined filters and dynamic charts for efficient data analysis.

  3. Trend Lines for Insight: Visualize field developments over time and make informed comparisons across fields.

  4. Weather and Treatment Data Access: Retrieve essential weather and treatment data for specific plots and timeframes to enhance profitability analysis.

  5. Customizable Filters: Tailor filters to focus on specific minerals or elements critical to your agronomic targets and compare fields effortlessly.

Farmer and agronomist inspecting crop health in a field, utilizing Soilbeat's agriculture technology runing on tablet
a leaf with a carved heart in the midle with the soilbeat logo going through

Build Recommendations 

Introducing the Recommendation Builder: Agronomists frequently face consistency challenges and repetitive tasks when creating recommendations. SoilBeat's Recommendation Builder simplifies this process. Most importantly, we protect and harness agronomists consultants unique approaches and expertise, built through years of hands-on experience in the field.

The Recommendation Builder enhances productivity and communication, improving decision-making and outcomes for agronomists and growers alike. Additionally, it expedites new hire training, facilitating organizational growth while maintaining consistency.

How? Why don't you ask us and check what we can do for you and your organisation. 

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Harness Data Science

Think data science is only for big organizations with massive data sets? Think again. Data science can provide valuable insights with even a modest amount of data. Whether you have a few seasons' worth of soil, plant, and weather data, or a larger dataset, it's about quality and relevance.

We help you to leverage data science to refine agronomic recommendations, improve fertilization and irrigation practices, and enable early disease detection. 

a healthy field powered by data driven decisions

Data Integrations

Integrating with labs makes it easier for farmers to monitor soil & plant health and nutrient levels, which can help to increase crop yields. We are working on integrations with several labs, including EurofinsVan IerselNovaCropControlCrop Health LabsALNNNutrilabFertilab, and Groen Agro Control. These integrations enable farmers and agronomists to easily receive data from labs, allowing them to make data-driven decisions about soil health, crop nutrient levels, and other important factors. Reach out to us if you want to see an integration with a lab of your preference.

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Our Integrations

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