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About Us

SoilBeat was founded after a meeting of three people from diverse backgrounds: a tech entrepreneur and programmer, a regenerative agronomist, and a food marketer. We had the same dream: accelerating regenerative agriculture to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our planet today - deteriorating soil, poor human health, and declining biodiversity.


Through our unique combination of expertise, knowledge, and experience, we developed the SoilBeat proposition, continually refining our approach based on feedback from our close network of farmers and agronomists.


Today, SoilBeat is an invaluable business resource, providing an innovative approach to regenerative agriculture. Our groundbreaking technology helps improve soil health and fertility and supports your business growth by increasing yields and reducing costs.


Join us and be part of the regenerative agriculture revolution!



SoilBeat's vision is to  revolutionise agriculture by becoming the leading global provider of real-time, in-field soil monitoring solutions that drive sustainable, profitable, and resilient farming practices.

We are aiming for a sustainable planet where the soil is alive and the nutrients are healthy. We believe that a transformation to regenerative agriculture holds the key for a sustainable planet and we are determined to facilitate the process.

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