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Hands full of healthy soil.


We help agronomists save valuable time and provide farmers with the best possible recommendations and service.

Drill down to painpoints
A man drilling into the ground to take a soil sample to identify pain points for early intervention.

Drill down to painpoints

With our powerful analysis tool, deficiencies and excesses are highlighted, so you can quickly drill down to the specific painpoint to form hypotheses of underlying causes and remedies. Let's look at an example - Farmer John's Field 1 is not performing as well as expected. Our tool will help you quickly identify the root cause, for instance, the Ca: Mg ratio is too low. Also, we have predefined filters that highlight the elements that define insect vulnerability, nitrogen uptake and many more. 


Why don't you start with our tool and create a demo account? So you can easily and quickly provide the best advice to Farmer John and your other farmers, making your job easier and more efficient!

Compare & analyse
Regenerated plot with open ground on the rigth and grass on the left, with a house and a forest in the background.

Compare fields & analyse the soil composition

Are you a (crop) consultant looking for an easy way to compare fields and different plant/soil elements & minerals to better understand how minerals interact and why fields respond differently to the same nutrients? Then SoilBeat is the perfect choice for you! 

Interested to see how? Create a demo account!

See trends & history

See trends over time & compare historical data 

As an agronomist or consultant, you want to stay on top of your data and build on knowledge and insights from the past. Therefore, trend lines to understand developments and compare over fields are a critical part of your analysis toolbox. Equally, as an agronomist, you easily want to retrieve weather and treatment data on a certain plot at a certain point in time.  How can you otherwise understand different profitability levels over the years on the same plot?

Filters custom & preset

and preset filters

​As an agronomist you probably have certain targets you want to achieve with a particular field and crop, and therefore you are focusing on certain minerals or elements, for instance nitrogen uptake. With SoilBeat, you can either use our preset filters or customize and save your own filters, so you can immediately focus on elements that you find critical, and compare fields.

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