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Hands full of soil


We help agronomists save valuable time and provide farmers with the best possible recommendations and service.

Hands picking up soil and letting the healthy earth fall down.

Show interventions

Are you looking for a tool to help you interpret soil and plant health data and monitor the effectiveness of interventions, like foliar sprays, soil amendments or seed treatments? Look no further! We know that farmers don’t like to be burdened with logging interventions as they are busy enough managing their farming business. SoilBeat has nailed it to make capturing intervention data super simple. 

With SoilBeat, you can easily monitor the effect of farmer interventions, such as when a farmer applies foliar, amends the soil, plants a seed, or cultivates the soil. This makes it easier to make sound decisions and give actionable advice that will help your farmers get the best results.

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Pear being grown while it is raining. As an agronomist you can easily monitor the effect of weather data on your crops with SoilBeat.

Overlay weather from weather stations and soil sensors

Weather data can impact the interpretation of lab reports of plant sap analysis because it can influence the plant's uptake of nutrients and the levels of nutrients present in the sap sample. Weather factors like temperature, precipitation, light, and wind can affect the plant's ability to absorb and metabolize nutrients, as well as its transpiration rate. This can result in variations in nutrient levels in the sap, making it important to consider weather data when interpreting sap analysis results to accurately assess the plant's nutritional status.

A happy farmer standing with his crop yield.

Integrate yield data from farm management systems

Easily integrate yield data from other systems or sources to monitor and compare yield per field. Do you want to know which data we support? Read more here. Also see how the various nutrient plans affect the yield and profitability and help farmers to draw conclusions and optimize farm management plans.

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