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We help consultants save valuable time and provide farmers with the best possible recommendations and service.

Are you an agronomist, soil scientist, crop consultant or in any way helping farmers improve their soilhealth, plant health and yield?

Regenerated plot with open ground on the rigth and grass on the left, with a house and a forest in the background.

Interpretation of data

SoilBeat empowers crop consultants to easily compare fields and various plant/soil elements and minerals for a deeper understanding of mineral interactions and why fields exhibit varying responses to the same nutrients. Our platform offers:

  1. Powerful Analysis Tool: Identify deficiencies and excesses with precision, enabling quick pinpointing of underlying causes and potential remedies.

  2. Predefined Filters and Robust Charts: Explore predefined filters and dynamic charts for efficient data analysis.

  3. Trend Lines for Insight: Visualize field developments over time and make informed comparisons across fields.

  4. Weather and Treatment Data Access: Retrieve essential weather and treatment data for specific plots and timeframes to enhance profitability analysis.

  5. Customizable Filters: Tailor filters to focus on specific minerals or elements critical to your agronomic targets and compare fields effortlessly.

A man drilling into the ground to take a soil sample to identify pain points for early intervention.

Recommendation Builder 

Introducing the Recommendation Builder: Agronomists frequently face consistency challenges and repetitive tasks when creating recommendations. SoilBeat's Recommendation Builder simplifies this process. Most importantly, we protect and harness agronomists consultants unique approaches and expertise, built through years of hands-on experience in the field.

The Recommendation Builder enhances productivity and communication, improving decision-making and outcomes for agronomists and growers alike. Additionally, it expedites new hire training, facilitating organizational growth while maintaining consistency.

How? Why don't you ask us and check what we can do for you and your organisation. 


Harness Data Science

Think data science is only for big organizations with massive data sets? Think again. Data science can provide valuable insights with even a modest amount of data. Whether you have a few seasons' worth of soil, plant, and weather data, or a larger dataset, it's about quality and relevance.

We help you to leverage data science to refine agronomic recommendations, improve fertilization and irrigation practices, and enable early disease detection. 

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