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SoilBeat helps farmers and growers to de-risk the transition to sustainable, regenerative agriculture by transforming farm data into actionable insights for informed decision-making.


Our platform streamlines collaboration with agronomists and field technicians, enhancing efficiency and knowledge sharing on your farm. We support on-the-job learning, equipping you with the necessary skills and understanding to effectively manage soil and plant health.

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Easily aggregate fragmented data

Struggling to make sense of scattered data from various sources? SoilBeat's data aggregation module offers a seamless solution to consolidate fragmented data into a single, organized hub. No matter the format, we ensure seamless integration and visualization, allowing you to gain a comprehensive view, apply filters, make comparisons, and analyze trends over time.

Onboarding Service Need help to migrate historical data? As part of our onboarding service, we help you organize your data. Send us the raw data and see it organized per farmer and fields.

Monthly plant sap analysis

Derisk transition with plant sap analysis

Plant sap analysis serves as a valuable tool for farmers transitioning to regenerative agriculture by enabling precision nutrient management, early detection of nutrient deficiencies, optimization of nutrient use efficiency, adaptation to changing conditions, and promotion of soil health. By reducing the reliance on synthetic fertilizers, plant sap analysis contributes to the sustainability and environmental benefits of regenerative agriculture practices.

SoilBeat has insightfull visualisation tools and knowledge modules just for plant sap analysis.  

Are you curious to know more about plant sap analysis? Read more in our blogpost.


Leverage datascience

  • Leverage data science capabilities without requiring specialized expertise.

  • SoilBeat empowers you to gain a deeper understanding of your fields.

  • Explore how different fields respond to fertilizers and nutrients using data-driven insights.

  • Make informed decisions based on data analysis to optimize your farming practices and maximize yields.


Compare fields over time and understand trends 

As an agronomist or consultant, you want to stay on top of your data and build on knowledge and insights from the past. Therefore, trend lines to understand developments and compare over fields are a critical part of your analysis toolbox. Equally, as an agronomist, you easily want to retrieve weather and treatment data on a certain plot at a certain point in time.  How can you otherwise understand different profitability levels over the years on the same plot?

Corn Maize Labyrinth

FieldScout: Make logging observations easy

As a farmer, your eyes and observations are your key tools to monitor the field. With our simple to use fieldscout you can take photos and notes; either freestyle or specific predefined forms like pest observation, growth or even for certification purposes. 

Contextualise data

Data interoperability

As a farmer, you depend on a multitude of tools and applications, each serving a specific role in your farming business. SoilBeat specializes in translating soil and plant health data into actionable recommendations for nutrition plans and regenerative practices.


We understand that a seamlessly integrating with data sources, tools, GIS systems ensuries that you can harness the power of your data without disruption.

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