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We help consultants save valuable time and provide farmers with the best possible recommendations and service.

Are you an agronomist, soil scientist, crop consultant or in any way helping farmers improve their soilhealth, plant health and yield?

Farmer Data Organised
Soil health data

Manage farmer data & engagements

Are you an agronomist juggling advice for numerous farmers? Keeping tabs on numerous farm measurement reports, providing recommendations, and addressing questions and collaboration needs can be challenging.

SoilBeat understands these challenges and provides a solution. Our platform is designed to provide a secure, dedicated space where you can organize each farmer and their own data. With our analytics module, interpreting this data to formulate recommendations becomes easier. Our platform also esnures seamless collaboration with all your customer farmers and growers, while keeping farmer data private and secured. 

Import data

Easily aggregate fragmented data

Struggling to make sense of scattered data from various sources? SoilBeat's data aggregation module offers a seamless solution to consolidate fragmented data into a single, organized hub. No matter the format, we ensure seamless integration and visualization, allowing you to gain a comprehensive view, apply filters, make comparisons, and analyze trends over time.

Onboarding Service Need help to migrate historical data? As part of our onboarding service, we help you organize your data. Send us the raw data and see it organized per farmer and fields.

Corn Maize Labyrinth

Customizable FieldScout 

In your agronomist organization, maintaining consistent and relevant data collection can be a challenge. SoilBeat offers a solution by allowing you to customize fieldscouts to perfectly match your specific data requirements.

Whether you need to gather information about crop conditions, soil quality, or any other vital metrics, our platform empowers you to design fieldscouts that fit your unique needs. This ensures that every piece of data collected aligns precisely with your diagnostic processes.


Data interoperability

Seamless Integration for Your Convenience:

Do your farmer customers utilize their own management systems, leaving you with limited access and the headache of organizing measurement reports and data in a coherent manner?

SoilBeat aims to simplify your workload and eliminate double data entry for both you and the farmers. We prioritize data interoperability, making sure that relevant data is seamlessly imported and leveraged, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively.

Reach out and enquire about integrating options

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