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We help consultants save valuable time and provide farmers with the best possible recommendations and service.

Are you an agronomist, soil scientist, crop consultant or in any way helping farmers improve their soilhealth, plant health and yield?

Feature overview

Data Aggregation

  • Data aggregation module

  • Field Scout

  • Connect to weather stations

  • Connect to sensors

  • System Integrations

Soil & Planthealth dashboard

  • Graph with interventions timeline

  • Customizable graphs, like histogram, barcharts and KPIs

  • Recommendation generation module

Tasks overview

  • Easily Manage recommended tasks by Field and Application

​Learning on the Job

  • On-the-Job LearningReceive real-time explanations for interpreting measurements, enhancing skills with practical insights.

Communication Center

  • Centralized Notification Hub

Agronomist CRM features

  • CRM tool for agronomists

  • Tailored Project Forms

  • Product store integration

​​Secure Customer Data Vaults

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