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Our Story

SoilBeat was founded after a meeting of three people from diverse backgrounds: a tech entrepreneur and programmer, a regenerative agronomist, and a food marketer. We had the same dream: accelerating regenerative agriculture to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our planet today - deteriorating soil, poor human health, and declining biodiversity.


Through our unique combination of expertise, knowledge, and experience, we developed the SoilBeat proposition, continually refining our approach based on feedback from our close network of farmers and agronomists.


Today, SoilBeat is an invaluable business resource, providing an innovative approach to regenerative agriculture. Our groundbreaking technology helps improve soil health and fertility and supports your business growth by increasing yields and reducing costs.


Join us and be part of the regenerative agriculture revolution!

"Sunflowers in a herb-rich grassland with a windmill in the background. Regenerate your land with SoilBeat.   "

Our Mission

Agricultural machinery is harvesting from a regenerative plot.

Scaling profitable RegenAg, by providing all farmers with the best soil & plant health-management knowledge and recommendations.

Our Drivers


We believe that farmers should have full ownership over their data. We are committed to empowering farmers.

Read more in our Blog Post about our approach to ownership and responsible data exchange.


We are committed to making things simple, understandable, and unburdened. 


We do this with our easy-to-interpret dashboards and integrations with other parties to create synergy and make the best data-driven decisions.



RegenAg requires continuous analysing, testing, learning and adjusting. 


Similarly, this is a driver underpinning everything we do, and we love to hear your feedback to to give you a tailored solution that works for you.



For us, collaboration is key to changing the agricultural system. 


Therefore, we are building coalitions with organizations that share our mission.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team
Join our team

Join The Team

Here you can find positions available within our team. Is there no position matching your interest, but are you interested in joining our team? Feel free to contact

Medior Front End/ Full Stack

Type of contract: Full-time

Location:  Rotterdam

Deadline: Till 25th of December

Inter Agronomist Consultant
Sales and Account Manager

Type of contract: Full-Time                                                                           

Location: Hybrid (partly from our office in Rotterdam)    

Deadline: Till 15th of December                                                

Medior Front End/ Full Stack

Type of contract: Full-time

Location:  Partly from Friesland

Deadline: Ongoing

Inter Agronomist Consultant
Inter Agronomist Consultant

Internship Agronomist Consultant 

Type of contract: Internship (hours in consultation)

Location: In our office in Rotterdam

Deadline:  Ongoing

2023-03-02 (9).png
Intern Customer Support

Type of contract: Internship

Location: In our office in Rotterdam

Deadline: Ongoing

Working With 
The Best  Partners

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CO2L Farming is a team of independent consultants with many different areas of expertise. Together, we help farmers practically apply regenerative principles on their farms.

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Our Partners
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