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SoilBeat was founded after a meeting of three people from diverse backgrounds: a tech entrepreneur and programmer, a regenerative agronomist, and a food marketer. We had the same dream: accelerating regenerative agriculture to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our planet today - deteriorating soil, poor human health, and declining biodiversity.


Through our unique combination of expertise, knowledge, and experience, we developed the SoilBeat proposition, continually refining our approach based on feedback from our close network of farmers and agronomists.


Today, SoilBeat is an invaluable business resource, providing an innovative approach to regenerative agriculture. Our groundbreaking technology helps improve soil health and fertility and supports your business growth by increasing yields and reducing costs.


Join us and be part of the regenerative agriculture revolution!


Meet The Team

Debra CV photo Apr 2019 (2).jpg

I am deeply motivated to transform the food system from the ground up in order to restore our soils and biodiversity.


Growing this venture and its platform and uniting the stakeholders along the value chain will benefit from my experience in marketing, strategy, and traceability in FMCG sector.

Debra Aurich Koomen
Cofounder - Commerce
+31 6 124 534 30
Monosnap SoilBeat - introduction vs jan '23 vs3 - Google Slides 2023-01-13 15-38-32.png


Daniel Wieles
Full Stack Developer

As a serial tech entrepreneur and hobby farmer, I am driven to empower farmers and agronomists by leveraging technology as a force for good.


I want to help farmers and agronomists by making complex data understandable and actionable so they can focus on what they do best: caring for their land to produce nutritious food.

Dirk Westra van Holthe
Cofounder - Tech
+31 6 125 801 56

 CO2L Farming is a team of independent consultants with many different areas of expertise. Together, we help farmers practically apply regenerative principles on their farms. 

We established our foundation in 2020. we give advice on how to stimulate and facilitate natural processes so that the soil, crops and animals become as healthy as possible and the world becomes a little cooler again.

Johannes Bakker
Cofounder CO2L Farming 
Laura Joe_edited_edited.jpg

As a graduate of Wageningen University for Agriculture, I've always been interested in how food is grown and its impact on the environment.


I've seen firsthand how complex the relationships between yield and environmentally friendly farming can be in Africa. Excited to bring my background to SoilBeat

Laura Joe
+31 6 236 793 45


Ineke Aquarius
Programs & Funding
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