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SoilBeat: The Future of Agronomic Data Management

Transform Your 

Data Analysis & Recommendation 


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Recognize these challenges?

As an agronomist consultant, you would like to solve:


Time-consuming data aggregation

Aggregating and analyzing farmer data can be incredibly time-consuming because the information comes in different formats and must be compiled and compared. Think of: 

- lab reports across different fields

- fertilisation regimes

- visual assessment forms

- sensor readings  etc


Uncertainty About How Farmers Apply Your Recommendations

After delivering recommendations, there's often a lack of feedback on implementation by the farmers. Without knowing how, or even if, the advice was followed, it's challenging to measure the effectiveness of the recommendations or to adjust strategies based on outcomes.


Repetitive and Lengthy Process of Writing Recommendation Reports

Crafting personalized recommendation reports for each client involves a significant amount of repetitive work, especially when dealing with common issues across multiple locations. This repetition is not only inefficient but also detracts from the time available for more strategic tasks or deeper analysis.


Underutilized Data Containing Untapped Insights

There's an abundance of data collected in the agricultural sector, but much of it remains underutilized. Whether due to lack of tools, skills, or time, valuable insights that could enhance crop management, improve yield, or reduce environmental impact are often left undiscovered.

What SoilBeat offers


SoilBeat makes it easy to aggregate and structure the farmers' fragmented data, sitting in various forms and files, making measurements comparable and insightful. All in a secure, organised space per farmer on which you can collaborate.

Farmers' data and recommendations structured and accessible


Comparative Analysis

Compare fields and correlate various plant/soil elements for a comprehensive understanding of mineral interactions.


Recommendation Builder

Imagine reducing effort by 80% while elevating the quality of your recommendations. Our groundbreaking AI analyzes your past reports, creating a digital blueprint unique to your methods and exclusive to your organisation; suggesting recommendations that you only need to edit and share, appearing on the tasklist of the grower. 


Farmer Engagement

Provide farmers with easy-to-use tools for logging activities, facilitating better record-keeping to help you monitor the effectiveness of your recommendations and provide better servive and engagement. 


Free Onboarding Service

Limited time offer for Moses conference attendees: free onboarding service to migrate data and set up farmers & fields.  

Book your demo now

You can also directly schedule a demo with us, using the booking tool below. 

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