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Sales and Account Manager

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Full Time

About the Company

Traditional farming methods that heavily rely on synthetic chemicals and monocultures have a negative impact on the environment. They contribute to problems like water pollution, soil degradation, and excessive use of freshwater. The use of chemical pesticides also raises health concerns. Additionally, agriculture is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. These facts emphasize the importance of adopting more sustainable farming practices to reduce these harmful effects on the environment and human health.

Regenerative agriculture aims to reduce synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and to rebuild a healthy soil, promote biodiversity, and store carbon. However, implementing these practices on farms requires innovative technology.

Introducing SoilBeat - an easy-to-use software solution designed to help farmers transition to regenerative farming. Our goal is to make sense of complex soil, plant health and other relevant data and provide practical recommendations that farmers can use every day. SoilBeat is a SAAS platform developed for Agronomists, to improve their diagnostics and recommendations to farmers, to unburden them and work more efficiently and increase the experience of their customers, the farmers.

Key Responsibilities:

- Client Engagement & Relationship Building:

- Identify, engage, and cultivate relationships with agronomists and agricultural enterprises.

- Understand the unique challenges and requirements of each potential client to offer tailored solutions.

- Product Expertise:

- Develop a deep understanding of our SaaS platform and SoilBeat's features, benefits, and potential applications.

- Conduct product demonstrations for potential clients, showcasing how our platform and SoilBeat can address their specific needs.

Sales Goals & Targets:

- Achieve and exceed monthly and yearly sales quotas.

- Continuously monitor sales metrics and adjust strategies as needed to improve performance.

Market Research & Strategy Development:

- Stay informed on industry trends, competitors, and the evolving needs of agronomists.

- Provide feedback to the product development team based on market insights and client feedback.

Utilization of Automation Tools:

- Efficiently leverage sales and marketing automation tools to streamline processes, track leads, and enhance client communication.

- Collaborate with the marketing team to harness these tools for targeted campaigns and outreach efforts.


- Work closely with the marketing, customer support, and product development team to enhance product offerings and improve customer experience.

- Participate in trade shows, webinars, and workshops to represent the company and gather market intelligence.

Documentation & Reporting:

- Maintain accurate records of all sales activities, including calls, meetings, and closed deals.

- Regularly report sales progress, pipeline, and forecasts, using Sales Flare.

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