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Digital Marketing/ Business Traineeship

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Part Time

About the Company

Practical info:

Language requirements: Dutch (Native) & English (Advanced)

Preferred starting date: September 2024

Duration (standard duration 20 weeks): 20 weeks, 5 days/week

Flexible starting dates: Yes

Supervision information: directly supervised by co-founder Debra Aurich and Growth Hacker Buser Soysal

(Financial) compensation: No / Yes: 500 per month

Description organization:
Are you passionate about sustainable agriculture and interested in combining that passion with a diverse skill set that complies with the digital age? SoilBeat is offering an exciting internship opportunity where you can leverage technology to make a positive impact. Through this experience, we not only aim for you to develop tech skills, but also to contribute to the transition from conventional farming to regenerative agriculture.

The current agriculture system heavily relies on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, resulting in various environmental drawbacks such as soil erosion, biodiversity loss, water pollution, and resistance to pests and diseases. Regenerative agriculture offers a sustainable alternative by replacing synthetic inputs with organic nutrients.

As an intern at the startup SoilBeat, you will be part of a team working on a SAAS (Software as a Service) platform that facilitates the transition to regenerative agriculture. The platform makes critical data on soil and crop health visible, empowering farmers and agricultural advisors to determine the appropriate organic nutrition based on this information. By streamlining collaboration between farmers and advisors, SoilBeat aims to support a smooth transition to regenerative practices.
SoilBeat is currently in its initial phase and stands out by focusing on the innovative technology of plant sap analysis. Plant sap analysis acts as a "blood test" for crops and is becoming increasingly popular among farmers worldwide.

Your primary responsibilities:
Product Expertise: Develop an understanding of the SoilBeat platform, its features, benefits and potential applications.

Content Creation: Produce content using your agricultural knowledge to reach future clients to understand and address their needs using SoilBeat.

Customer Relations: Communicate with potential clients to understand their expectations, report back on the findings and aim to take them further in the sales pipeline (Endpoint: converting them to sales).

Partner Communication: Communicate with our business partners to understand and better reflect the industry trends in our content.

Demo Presentation: Conduct product demonstrations for potential clients, showcasing how our platform and SoilBeat can address their specific needs.
Segmentation and Targeting: Assist in creating and managing audience segments for targeted marketing efforts.

Ideal qualifications:

Education: Currently pursuing or recently completed a degree in Agronomy, Agriculture, Horticulture, Food/Soil Science with specialization in marketing and international business

Technical Skills: Proficient with Google tools (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets…), Familiarity with CRM tools is a plus.

Analytical Skills: Ability to analyze data and provide actionable insights.

Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills.

Attention to Detail: High level of accuracy and attention to detail.

Creativity: Ability to think creatively and contribute new ideas to campaigns and processes.

Team Player: Ability to work effectively in a team-oriented environment.

Nice to Have Qualifications:

Experience: Previous internship or coursework in digital marketing or marketing automation.

Certifications: Relevant certifications in marketing automation or digital marketing (e.g., Google Analytics, Google TagManager, Meta Ads).

Technical Skills: Basic understanding of script writing (SQL, Pyhton, or Javascript) for marketing tools (GA4, GTM etc.)

What We Promise:

Hands-On Experience: Gain practical experience with leading marketing automation tools and techniques.
Professional Development: Opportunities for learning and growth within a supportive environment.
Startup Culture: Being a part of a dynamic startup ecosystem and unintentionally developing a variety of skills.

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