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SoilBeat helps farmers and agronomists turn soil & plant data into regenerative action plans.

Designed to make soil & plant health accessible, so all farmers can improve biodiversity, climate resilience and profitability

SoilBeat is in exclusive beta. Join our waitlist & be the next to get an invite!


We work with farmers & agronomists who share our mission to bring life back into the soil. We believe that healthy living soil is an answer to a more fulfilling, climate resilient, and rewarding existence. 

SoilBeat provides the tools to turn data into insights that guide the transition from fertilizer to nutrient plans and regenerative soil management practices.  

With better soil, you can save input costs, increase cash flow, and ultimately increase your farm profitability.

We also help farmers to get rewarded for their contribution to the environment, by turning their data into value. 


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A platform for transitioning to regenerative agriculture 

SoilBeat enables farmers to develop and track regenerative farm management plans, using meaningful and practical dashboards on soil and plant health. 


Additionally, we make it simple for agronomist consultants to join the platform and share their expertise and offer guidance.

Easy import of data

Spend less time on farm data entry with automatic synchronizations and imports from labs, equipment, and satellite images

Consolidate soil
& plant elements

Consolidate different soil and plant sap elements to compare and detect nutrient deficiencies to define optimal nutrient and soil management plans

Contextualised insights

Monitor soil & plant data in the context of yield, weather, and soil management practices to better understand what works best on your farm

Agronomy advice

Guide farmers with interpreting data and translating insights to action plans that can be monitored and refined along the way

Farmer Actions

Easily log soil management practices to monitor how they impact health

Share & Monetize data

Farmers own their data and SoilBeat enables to safely and easily share data with trusted third parties to prove sustainable farming practices and get rewarded via premium pricing, insetting, subsidies or grants



Our partner providing regenerative expertise and working with the farmer: CO2L Farming

We collaborate with our partner CO2L Farming: a foundation dedicated to supporting farmers in their transition to regenerative agriculture.

CO2L farming agronomists visit a broad spectrum of farms and have deeply rooted experience in how to regenerate farmlands, restore plant health, and soil biodiversity. The agronomists bring their regenerative knowledge and data to the table to work with the farmer to draft a plan, starting with small steps toward full transition, all captured on the SoilBeat platform. 

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Reduce reliance on synthetic fertilizer
Cover crops &
crop rotation
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Minimal soil disturbance and tilling
Organic nutrition to build natural resilience
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Rotational grazing and integrated livestock
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