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Data integrations and integrity

SoilBeat offers seamless data integrations with farmer management systems, labs, and relevant platforms. Our alignment with important code of conducts ensures the integrity and privacy of your data.

Copa Cogec

Copa Cogeca

Copa Cogeca is the European umbrella organization representing farmers and their cooperatives. Their mission is to promote and defend the interests of European farmers and cooperatives by providing a platform for collaboration, advocacy, and information sharing. 


SoilBeat aligns data ownership with the Copa and Cogeca's code of conduct for data sharing. You can find more information about our own approach in our general terms & conditions and in our blogpost.  The Code of Conduct is guiding the sharing of data among farmers, agricultural cooperatives, and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector. The Code of Conduct ensures that


  • data is shared in a transparent and fair manner;

  • intellectual property rights are respected;

  • personal data is protected;

  • data is used only for the purposes for which it was collected; 

  • farmers and cooperatives have control over their own data, and; 

  • they are able to decide how it is used and shared.

BO Akkerbouw

Dutch sector organization for arable farming

BO Akkerbouw is the Dutch sector organization for arable farming. Their mission is to represent and serve the interests of Dutch arable farmers. They aim to achieve this by promoting knowledge exchange, innovation and cooperation within the sector, as well as by advocating for favorable policies at the national and European level.


SoilBeat aligns data ownership with the ‘Code of Conduct for Data Use in Arable Farming’ created by BO Akkerbouw and other chain organizations in the Netherlands. You can find more information about our own approach in our general terms & conditions and in our blogpost. The ultimate goal of this Code of Conduct is to establish a foundation for safe, transparent, and effective data sharing between businesses and stakeholders in the Dutch agri-food chains. Therefore, it specifies that:

  • the data provider remains the owner of the raw data; 

  • data should be used confidential;

  • data consumers are required to take measures to protect data from unauthorized access, modification, or theft; 

  • data consumers and data providers are responsible to safeguard login details and not share them with unauthorized individuals. 

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